About Us


Above and Beyond is boutique style management company.  We focus strongly on cleanliness, maintaining the house, and personalizing the rental experiences. 

Emphasis on Cleaning:
        Cleanliness is the first thing that you hear about from renters.  The need to feel comfortable and safe in their rental.  For this reason, we make sure our cleaners are dependable and thorough.  We ask for all linens, even the comforters… everything… to be washed in between every renter. 

Emphasis on Maintaining:
        Being that both Brandon and his mom are realtors, we see a common thread in the majority of the rental houses when placed on the market… They usually “look” like rental houses because they start to have wear and tear. 
We also hear that when homeowners come up to enjoy time at their rental home, they end up spending the whole time making repairs that the rental company hasn’t dealt with…and basically their whole vacation is spent completing the project list.   
        Taking our experiences and feedback from homeowners, we focus on keeping up with the maintenance items, both big and small… to eliminate the need for the owners to have the burden of dealing with it when they visit.  We want the owners to be able to enjoy their home on the same level as the renters…and to simply relax and vacation.

Emphasis on Creating a Personalized Rental Experience: 
        For our renters, we like to equip the houses in such a way that they do not feel like they are being rationed on simple things like toilet paper and dish tablets.   We like people to feel like they are home.  When you get to the house, there will be a welcome basket waiting for you.  The baskets usually have something like smore supplies, or snacks in it… if it’s a birthday, then it will have some birthday decorations in it.  We have created some fun games in the house, including a scavenger hunt!  Also fresh flowers are a must. The greatest compliment is when people say it was the best rental ever and they can’t wait to come back!

“We never felt like we were in a rental here. It felt like HOME… fresh pine… very nice touch… You thought of everything. Can’t wait to come back…We made great memories here.” Jan 2022

“Dear Owners, Our daddy and mommy have always had scavenger hunts for us. We were so excited to see one here! We loved the clues! We were so excited to see the dollars! Thank you so much . We are having so much fun! We hope we can come back here. God bless.” Jan 2022 (from some of the children of guests, which we absolutely love when we have notes from our youngest guests!)